Excel Jetcell .NET component

This example demonstrates the Excel Jetcell .NET component. The demo exports data from
GridView to Excel file. It is possible due to the fact that the DataTable is a data source for
GridView that can be easily converted to Excel using the component. Steps:

  1. Add or Delete items of the table.
  2. Choose file format to export GridView to Excel.
  3. Press button Export to Excel.
NFirst NameLast NameSexBirth DateOccupation
1RodneyJohnsonM06.07.1964Adult literacy teacher
2ConnieKingF07.19.1989Occupational health and safety technician
3StevenGrayM12.24.1977Telephone repairer
4CynthiaManigaultF03.19.1969Employee assistance plan manager
5GracieSalasF07.26.1967Heavy vehicle service technician

First Name
  Last Name
Birth Date
Gender Code


Choose file format to export:  

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