Html To Word .NET converter

This example demonstrates the Html To Word .NET converter.
The converter takes current page and exports Html Table to Word file.
The html table is converted with all rich of content formatting.
Css styles are also sppported. User can choose the type of resulted Word file.

  1. Choose file format to export Html table to Word.
  2. Press button Export to Word.
N First Name Last Name Sex Birtd Date Occupation
1 Rodney Johnson M 06.07.1964 Adult literacy teacher
2 Connie King F 07.19.1989 Occupational health and safety technician
3 Steven Gray M 12.24.1977 Telephone repairer
4 Cynthia Manigault F 03.19.1969 Employee assistance plan manager
5 Gracie Salas F 07.26.1967 Heavy vehicle service technician


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