The Search type exposes the following methods.





 XNA Framework Only

 .NET Compact Framework Only

  Member Description
Find_AllParagraphs(NodeList, String, Boolean)
Finds all paragraphs by text.
Find_AllTables(NodeList, String, Boolean)
Finds all tables by text.
Find_AllTextruns(NodeList, String, Boolean)
Finds all textruns by text.
Find_FirstParagraph(NodeList, String, Boolean)
Finds first paragraph by text.
Find_FirstTable(NodeList, String, Boolean)
Finds first table by text.
Find_FirstTextrun(NodeList, String, Boolean)
Finds first textrun by text.
Get_AllRanges(NodeList, String, Boolean)
Gets all ranges of textruns by text.
Get_AllTextruns(NodeList, String, Boolean)
Gets all textruns by text.
Get_FirstRange(NodeList, String, Boolean)
Gets first range of textruns by text.
Get_FirstTextrun(NodeList, String, Boolean)
Gets first textrun by text.
Replace(NodeList, String, String)
Replaces all occurences of a specified string with another string.

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